Top 5 Modular Kitchen Plans that’ll Spice up your Home

Moving into a new house? We’re sure that there are a lot of things you have to change in order to make it into a ‘dream home’. The Kitchen is where you take your meals and interact with your family, so, it should be first to hit your senses! Experts from Arun Dev Builders present 5 awesome modular plans that you can use for your kitchen.

The Bumblebee

Bumblebee, arun dev builders
The Combination of black and yellow doesn’t always make a good Wiz Khalifa song. It can also give you an attractive modular kitchen. A yellow counter held by an ebony stand in the middle will look best with yellow crockery. The slate-colored cabinets will complement the thick yellow side panel. The yellow parts will look more attractive if you keep them glossy. The black segments, on the other hand, should be polished and glazed.

Eldar Oak

Eldar Oak, arun dev builders
The wooden tone wound around the room will remind you of the Western European broadleaf forests. Cedar-colored walls and gravel-shaded countertops add. According to Arun Dev Builders, the Eldar Oak kitchen looks best with plants (especially Cactuses) surrounding it.


Christmas, arun dev builders
In some cases, the Christmas spirit can keep spreading its charm the entire year. The silver light orbs above the counter give an awesome effect like Christmas tree decorations. The best part about this kitchen plan is that the appliances are cleverly hidden behind glittery cabinets.

Glowing Amber

Glowing Amber, arun dev builders
This kitchen will remind of sci-fi movies where glowing aliens come to save the earth. The backlit marble exposes the ‘rock veins’ or an amber structure and it looks beautiful. The counter should ideally be charcoal, dark grey or crimson. Minimalistic grey lamps look best in a Glowing Amber kitchen.

Choco Rain

Choco Rain, arun dev builders
The name gives it away. Chocolate colored cabinets and drawers with light grey counters give this kitchen a choco-bar effect. Experts from Arun Dev Builders suggest that this modular kitchen is the easiest to assemble and is really cheap.

Want to add another modular kitchen design to this list? Let us know in the comments!

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