Arun Dev Builders believe upgrading slums will usher in a new wave of residential development

Slums Area  Arun Dev Builders believe that housing costs can be brought down by up to 30 percent with the help of new technology that includes better land mapping, prefabricated construction and cheaper solar power.

It is believed that by 2025, 1.6 billion people would struggle to secure decent housing. If current trend in urbanization and income growth persists, the number of urban households that live in substandard housing could grow from 330 million to 440 million. India currently faces a shortage of 18 million urban housing units.However, technology will make housing cheaper and the use of land better.

The demand for land is huge in cities. Developers like Arun Dev Builders are designing tighter spaces with prefabricated materials that cost less but are of good quality. The proper estimation of strength and durability of various materials can be done through computer modeling. This is renewing the interest in these materials, which will cost less to ship and less time to put together.

The key to lowering costs is doing projects at scale. Arun Dev Builder suggest that the incremental cost savings are small on an individual house but make a difference in sweeping affordable housing projects. Upgrading slums is going to make a huge difference as far as residential development and housing is concerned.

More and more people are moving towards cities at a rapid pace and with this,real estate developers are benefiting. But the rise in demand is surely going to create space problems as the cities are already facing congestion issues.

So, to find a way out of this problem, Arun Dev Builders are fully committed to upgrading the slums and make a difference for improved living standards and better future.



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  1. Sahir says:

    With the decrease in the price of house hold, more and more people can get their dream house . Good to know this news.

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