5 Technological Transformations that Revolutionized Real Estate

The purpose of mankind is clouded without innovation. Realty, in particular, has evolved from caves to mud huts to stone houses and finally to RCC-infused mega-structures. Real estate is still under the process of evolution. Technology’s immediate effects on real estate are way beyond skyscrapers and artistic architecture. This time, the platforms of real estate development are changing. On that note, Arun Dev Builders present five changes that technology has bestowed on the real estate sector.

Immediate analysis

Earlier, real estate analysts had very limited resources to work on. They mostly analyzed a small sample space of completed projects to generate helpful statistics. Now, with real-time data available and supporting tools to analyze and use them digitally, real estate sector can speed up its processes.


Managing leases used to be a hassle with tons of documents, procedure plans, floor design, bills, etc. According to Arun Dev Builders, with the advent of leasing tools and book-keeping software, this has become easy.

 Marketing and Advertisements

Back in the old days, real estate builders had a little scope of advertising their projects. Then, they had to wait for customers, which would often be long. Real estate developers lacked insights on their target population. With the introduction of big data, pinpoint-marketing has become possible. Experts from Arun Dev Builders suggest that marketing is also cost-effective now. Developers only have to pay for the services they choose, not the entire package.

Speed of operation        

Real estate deals and their speed of transaction have increased tenfold. You can thank online tools and third-party agencies that are hired to make operations smooth. With multiple banking options and easy finances, real estate developers are able to roll out awesome projects.


Many might hate the big-brother aspect of the Internet, but it’s helpful in case you want to review the feedbacks of a real estate project.  Experts from Arun Dev Builders believe that consumer complaints and general  online evaluations brushes people with the reality of a real estate brand.

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  1. Amit saxena says:

    With the tremendous growth in technology, we have improved much in every sector be it infrastructure. We are now developing earth quake resistant building and many more things have been added to the buildings design so that they can stand natural calamity

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